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Stair Resurfacing GTA

Excellence Hardwood Flooring enhances your stairs in the GTA with efficient stair resurfacing, delivering convenience and renewed elegance to your home.

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Expert Resurfacing Services

Ever walked up a tired, creaky staircase, wondering if it could ever be restored to its former glory? Excellence Hardwood Flooring in the GTA has the answer with a fantastic stair resurfacing offer.

Our stair resurfacing option is the key to breathing new life into your aging stairs. Over time, constant use, wear, and tear can leave your once-beautiful staircase looking worn and faded. And, that's where we come in, reviving the charm of your stairs with our expert resurfacing services.

Interested to learn more? Give us a call today for details – we also provide stair railing installations, hardwood floor and stair installations, as well as hardwood refinishing.

Reviving your stairs to its former glory

Stair Resurfacing GTA
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Our Unsurpassed Resurfacing Process

Stair resurfacing by Excellence Hardwood Flooring in the GTA involves applying a fresh layer of finish over the existing wood surface, without the need for extensive sanding.

Our process is not only efficient but also cost-effective compared to full refinishing, making it an ideal choice for those looking to rejuvenate their staircase.

While resurfacing adds a renewed luster, it's essential to remember that it won't address deeper wood imperfections. So, if you are seeking to breathe new life into your stairs, get in touch with us today.

A renewed luster

Resurfacing Services  GTA