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Experience and stunning

Hardwood & Staircase Experts

Hardwood floor installation and Refinishing, Stair Resurfacing, Railing Installation. We specialize in all kinds of floor and stair works, trims, Heritage Flooring in the Greater Toronto Area.

Flooring Company GTA

Flooring Company – GTA

Choose Excellence Hardwood Flooring for premium GTA floor and stair installations, as well as excellent refinishing services.

Welcome to Excellence Hardwood Flooring

Proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for over 15 years, Excellence Hardwood Flooring specializes in residential services while setting the standard for high-end luxury floor installations.

With a passion for unparalleled artistry and a commitment to using only the finest hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl, and laminate, we elevate flooring to an art form.

Beyond the GTA, our expertise is available to log homes and cottages in the picturesque Muskoka and Blue Mountain region. Our licensed professionals bring unmatched quality and attention to detail, offering guarantees on the products we use.

Flooring Company GTA

Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood Stair Installations GTA
Hardwood Floor Installations GTA

Whether you hire us for custom hardwood or herringbone patterns, you can expect nothing less than excellence in every project.

Unmatched quality and attention to detail

Looking for a hardwood expert?

Look no further! We are known for turning hardwood boards into fabulous floors and stairs.

Why Choose Us?


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Projects in the Greater Toronto Area


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Quality Workmanship

For stylish and secure stair railing


Our Projects

Flooring Company GTA
Stair Railing Installations GTA
Hardwood Floor Installations GTA
Hardwood Stair Installations GTA
Flooring Company GTA
Hardwood Stair Installations GTA

Our Extensive Range of Services

Excellence Hardwood Flooring is your premier destination in the GTA, offering a full spectrum of flooring solutions.

Our extensive range of services includes:

Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we guarantee to go above and beyond to deliver results that you will love.

And, you can trust that our adept experts will meticulously transform your space with elegance and precision, regardless of the job’s scope. Ready to get a taste of unwavering dedication to perfection? Call us today.

Transforming your space with elegance and precision

Hardwood Stair Installations GTA
Stair Railing Installations GTA Stair Railing Services GTA Stair Resurfacing GTA Stair Resurfacing Services  GTA Hardwood Floor Installations GTA

Over the last year,

many people have joined our adventure into new homes through our YouTube channel.

Hitting 38 Million Plus views, we share how we professionally install floors for life.